Achiote by Solgontol, is a pop brand of modern craftmanship and fashion art full of pride for its traditions, its opulence and its history, with a high cultural and emotional background wich is reflected in each of the creations, with an eclectic mixture between the pure, tha ancestral, pop opulence and art.

Achiote seeks to express its history through manual art and unique pieces that represent specific moments and memories of the past life and present of its creative director Solgontol, her story, roots and creative universe.

The teaching is characterized by its unspoken added value of the craft that complements the opulence of its creations and compositions loaded with color and brightness, two key factors that relate directly to its name. Achiote, a fruit that generates one of the tinctures of the brightest and nature's most intense red and found in Solgontol's place of birth in Nicaragua.

The Dna of Achiote by Solgontol, is composed of tradition, luxury, modern craftmanship, pride in its roots, pop influence, transparency and authenticity.

Achiote by Solgontol is a high-end brand of art made fashion. It is fashion of artists, also known as ''artist fashion'' or ''art to wear''. It is a unique, lively, integral and vibrant brand. It is a childhood dream born of creativity and innate curiosity, fruit of appreciation.